Marked by the Alpha by Aria Cole & Mila Crawford

Marked by the Alpha: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance by Aria Cole & Mila Crawford Author
Bare Bites Book 1

Gavin and Liza’s story was a fantastic mix of sweet and HOT!

Loved them being a mated pair but different shifter species. That isn’t a normal theme in shifter books and I really liked how that played out in this book.

Liza being the runt of her pact, being unable to shift and those gorgeous 2 different colored eyes were all the reasons her family/pack abandoned her…but none of that mattered to her true mate, he saw her for who/what she truly was, a wonderful woman and perfection in his eyes.

The intensity and depth of connection in a mated shifted pair is always one of my favorite. It’s very moving and when well written like this book was honestly catches me right in the feels and makes me long for a deep connection like that.

So glad the cover models eyes caught my attention and the blurb sealed the deal, this was great story!

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